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Do I have to believe in Transcendental Meditation?

Belief has no part to play in the practise. TM is based on the natural tendency the mind. This natural tendency of the mind is all that is needed. This means that sceptics benefit just as much as anyone else, because attitude has no part to play in it.

Can I learn Transcendental Meditation from a book or CD?
No, you cannot learn TM from a book or CD. Even though it is natural, there is a technique to it. Diving is brought about by the force of gravity, but there is some technique to it. TM is like diving, even though it is natural, it needs guidance from a trained and experienced teacher to ensure success.

Do I have to make my mind go blank?
Definitely not. Trying or concentrating to achieve such a thing would be a total waste of time, as the effort would simply increase activity which is the opposite of relaxation. It’s common sense. Anyone who tells you that effort and concentration is needed to meditate properly and that thoughts must be kept out by force and self discipline really does not know what they are talking about.

Do I need to stop eating meat?
No, you do not need to give up meat. Changing your diet, becoming a vegetarian, may not in fact be healthy for you, though many meditators have found themselves tending in that direction. However, this is not at all necessary in order to learn and benefit from Transcendental Meditation.

Is Transcendental Meditation a religious cult?

No, TM is not a cult. In fact many TM meditators would be quite put out by the suggestion, as they use TM privately at home simply to gain its well documented benefits. You don’t have to subscribe to any new kind of philosophy or lifestyle. You just sit and enjoy this simple, natural technique 20 minutes twice a day. If someone tells you TM is religion or a cult, I would doubt the sincerity of their intentions.

Is TM compatible with religious faith?

Yes! TM is a simple mental technique practised by people of many different faiths, as well as those without religious belief or affiliation. Religious people say it helps them to understand and practise their own religion more easily and with greater conviction. Click here to read about the experiences of people of different religions who practise Transcendental Meditation.

Isn’t TM expensive; why is it not free like some other types of meditation?

The fees cover the initial instruction and unlimited six month followup and is very good value.

The course fees are used to tell more people about the benefits of the practise, to maintain our UK TM teachers, our national administration office, and our international offices and many teaching projects in countries less well off than our own.

All course fees are paid directly to the Maharishi Foundation which is a registered educational charity in the UK (no. 270157). It has been administering TM teaching in the UK since 1959.

We do teach Transcendental Meditation to many people in the UK for free, or at vastly reduced cost - people who are financially distressed or simply too ill to pay. In fact this is a requirement for the maintenance of our charity status.

If you would like to contribute to the TM Scholarship Fund for the North West, dedicated to helping people who cannot otherwise afford to learn, but who desperately need it,  please call Lewis Walch in Bolton (07854 317854) or email him here.

Learning Transcendental Meditation is a valuable investment in yourself? Cosmetics ads often end with the expression, “Because your worth it!” You are of course.

Your car, mobile phone, ipod, or computer, are investments that quickly become obsolete and depreciate in value. None of them come cheap for good quality. TM on the other hand is relatively inexpensive and increases in value as time passes. Its benefits are cumulative like compound interest. And it never ever wears out.

I am very healthy, secure financially and fulfilled, surely I don’t need Transcendental Meditation?

There are a few fortunate people like yourself who have led, or are leading successful and very fulfilled lives. But perhaps TM still has something to offer you.

Transcendental Meditation is a technique designed to develop Higher States of Consciousness, leading to a state traditionally known as ‘Enlightenment’.

In this state of awareness all desires are fulfilled to the point where no further desires remain. In addition, one’s thoughts and actions are completely in tune with natural law and no longer motivated by one’s own needs, but by whatever the universe requires at the time. Life is totally blissful, and free from all fear and anxiety, as if you are living in Heaven while still on Earth.

If you already have this, then perhaps you don’t need TM, but you could help other people to gain that state of fulfilment and freedom that you enjoy. We invite you to join us in bringing this knowledge of integration of life to all the people who still do not have it.

All the benefits recorded by the published research on Transcendental Meditation are by products of developing Higher States of Consciousness and the state of Enlightenment.

This is probably the first time in human history that the psychophysiology of Enlightenment has been objectively examined and its practical utility to any and every human being clearly established.

It is a very exciting time to have been born, when the path to Enlightenment is so easy to find, to follow, and eventually reach this laudable goal - the development of your full human potential.