What local meditators say

“I’ve always considered TM to
be my secret weapon - a tool that I believe contributed significantly to my winning several awards for my design work, and obtaining the highest levels of academic success at university. It’s a real gift that will let you lead a more fulfilled, productive and happy life, without the stresses that can be so disruptive. It’s not a cult or religious practice, but a simple mental technique, and if you have the opportunity to learn, then go for it. It just could be the best decision you ever make.”

Nathan Partington, MSc, Product Designer - Bolton


“My job was, and still is very pressured, and there was additional stress at home. To make matters worse I couldn’t sleep. My doctor was very sympathetic and prescribed sleeping pills, but they didn’t seem to make much difference. The night after I learnt TM I slept for 12 hours, and I hadn’t done that for two years.”

GB, NHS Administrator - Lancashire

“It’s beneficial to have 20 minutes of calmness in a hectic world and I always enjoy doing it.”

M Johnson, Quantity Surveyor - Bolton

“It gives me a bit of peace, and helps me deal with occasional migraines.”

D Davis, Bolton - NHS Manager

“We wish we'd learnt TM sooner.  It's a great friend to have. I said to my daughter that when we are no longer around she'll still have TM to support her through the rest of her life.  We are less stressed, more charitable and speak more frankly to one another than we ever did before.”

Wendy Davison, Marketing consultant - Rossendale, Lancashire

“In 1997, I had a break down and was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. Since then I’ve seen Psychiatrists and Psychologists, and had cognitive behaviour therapy with little to show for it. In the last 18 months I’ve tried Breathing & Guided Meditation with no benefit, until a friend recommended I contact Bolton Transcendental Meditation teacher, Lewis Walch. In only a couple of months I am feeling brighter and happier, and my wife says I’m easier to live with. I definitely recommend it.”

Phil O’Neil - Founder and Retired Chairman of a Lancashire Telecoms Business.

My friends and relatives have noticed changes in me since I learned TM just 3 months ago. My daughter said I seemed happier, more positive, less stressed and more chatty. What I most value is the peace of mind that it has given me, and I don’t take the trivia of life so seriously as I used to. I wish I’d had this before I started the menopause.”

Val Layland, Semi-retired Medical Receptionist, Bolton



Lewis Walch


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