About  your Bolton TM Teacher

About  your Bolton TM Teacher

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Lewis Walch was born in Farnworth, Lancashire, in November 1950, the eldest of 11 children. He attended St Gregory’s School, Farnworth and St William’s, Great Lever. In 1969 he had begun training as a school teacher at Trinity and All Saints Colleges near Leeds where he first heard about Transcendental Meditation.

Learning Transcendental Meditation and becoming a TM teacher

“It was all a bit unplanned”, he says. “I went to chat with one of my college mates, John Nixon, who was a year above me - a brilliant tennis player from Poulton-Le-Field near Blackpool. He used to demolish me at squash, and was a bit of a thinker and philosopher. In fact he became a TM teacher himself and later went to Heythrop College at the University of London and got a degree in Theology.

“John and a few other like-minded friends were about to go out to a talk on Transcendental Meditation in Leeds. I read the literature they had and was attracted to the idea of developing my full mental potential, higher states of consciousness, and Enlightenment. That’s how it started for me.”

Enlightenment- the practical benefits

“It turned out that Transcendental Meditation, which I had initially considered a bit mystical, was of real practical value, bringing clearer thinking, better general health, reduced stress, more harmonious social relationships and even improved moral reasoning.

“These were side benefits of developing the state traditionally known as Enlightenment. But now there was all this published research making it less airy fairy, and much more credible.

“I remember thinking back to my RE lessons about ‘The Kingdom of Heaven within’, and ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.’ I wondered if this was what TM was all about. But now there was all this published research making it less airy fairy, and much more credible. I remember thinking back to my RE lessons about ‘The Kingdom of Heaven within’, and ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.’ I wondered if this was what was meant.”

The missing element in education

“Soon after beginning my studies at Trinity and All Saints, I began to realise that my teacher training course lacked any profound philosophy of education, and after learning to meditate this fact began to irritate me even more.

”We could offer children the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic along with moral guidance, but even then, we couldn’t give them the competence to live life successfully. Moral fibre isn’t gained from simply hearing about how you should behave. That has to come from within.

“We didn’t bring out their inner creative genius or improve their ability to cope with the often stressful challenges and negative experiences that life was already throwing at many of them.

“And we didn’t supply what the wise throughout the ages have considered the most essential goal of education. In the words of William Shakespeare, “Of all the knowledge, the wise and the good seek most to know themselves”.

“We taught practical skills, without developing inner wisdom, the essential ingredient for these children to live life wisely.“

New knowledge needed in education

“After a while I just couldn’t stand this vacuous excuse for education any longer. There is an old saying in the east... ‘No matter how far you have travelled down the wrong road, turn back.’

“So, being young and a bit idealistic, I ditched Trinity and All Saints’ Colleges without completing my course, much to the dismay and voluminous protests of my poor parents, and headed off to Switzerland in the summer of 1973.

Training as a TM Teacher

”High up in the Swiss and Italian Alps I trained as a TM teacher, under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who taught the Beatles to meditate, returning home as the first person to teach Transcendental Meditation in Bolton in August 1974.

“I taught 110 people in my first 10 months as a TM Teacher. Maharishi later congratulated me for managing to teach so many in such a conservative area. I was a bit surprised and said so. I had after all just told people what Maharishi had told me, and some people liked what they heard and learnt to meditate. I felt like I had very little to do with it, though it was extremely satisfying to see people benefiting so quickly from what I had taught them, and it continues to make teaching TM something I enjoy above anything else.

“People under stress quickly get back their sense of being in control of their own lives and the fear and anxiety recede into the distance.”

Success in education, health and business

“Currently we are receiving an enthusiastic reception in educational establishments in the UK and all over the world, and achieving wonderful results. The most troublesome children become well behaved and academic performance soars.

”Consultants are recommending their patients to learn TM for everything from allergies to anxiety and heart problems.

“ In industry, people practising TM naturally seem to have exceptional leadership qualities, even though they do not necessarily feel so exceptional. They are just being themselves. TM courses for business executives have been taught in most major corporations worldwide, and have gained a reputation for being the best stress reduction and productivity enhancing tool on the market.

“It gives me very great satisfaction to see all this happening at last, even though it has been a long time in coming.”


At the site on the Ganges where Maharishi’s ashes were placed February 2009