7 Steps to learn Transcendental Meditation

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The 7 steps of learning Transcendental Meditation are always the same in our TM Centres all over the world.

They ensure that anyone, anywhere, can be confident of being able to learn and practise TM successfully, whatever their age, education, religious or cultural background.

If you can think a thought, you can practise TM. Nothing could possibly be easier.

Step 1: Free Introductory Talk 40-60 minutes

Gives a broad overview of the known benefits of practising Transcendental Meditation and highlights some of the research findings, followed by a short question and answer session.

Step 2: Free Preparatory Talk — 20-30 minutes

Explains where TM comes from, what you actually learn, how it is taught, and what the difference is between TM and all the other techniques of meditation and relaxation you may know of.

It becomes clear in this session exactly why TM has been found to be the most effective technique of meditation for which there is reliable published scientific research.

Step 3: Free Personal Interview — 5-10 minutes

This involves filling out a two sided interview form with some simple questions about you to help the teacher get to know you before personal instruction in TM.

Step 4: Personal Instruction in TM — 1.5 hours

This is a one to one session with the teacher during which you will learn how to meditate before going home to practise it on your own a couple of times. Your instruction continues on the following 3 days based on your experience of practising TM at home couple of times each day.

Step 5: First Day of Verification and Checking — 1.5 hours

In this session you will cover all the does and don’ts of TM practise and the symptoms of correct meditation, so that you are completely confident that you are practising TM correctly. This is followed by a group mediation together with all the other new meditators who had their personal instruction the previous day.

Step 6: Second Day of Verification and Checking — 1.5 hours

This session begins with a group checking of meditation. Then based on your experiences of TM practise at home, further instructions are given. This will include an explanation of the inward and outward phases of meditation which, you will have realised from your experience at home, only involve the natural tendencies of both mind and body.

Step 7: Third Day of Verification and Checking — 2 hours

This session reviews and answers questions on the previous day’s material and is followed by a group checking of meditation.

By now many people are noticing the benefits of TM in their day to day activities. This experience serves as a basis for explaining the qualities and practical advantages associated with developing Higher States of Consciousness, and the state traditionally known as Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness.

What was once considered mystical and unworldly is found to be extremely practical, and this is already noticeable in the lives of new meditators at the end of their course — greater clarity of mind, more harmonious relationships, better health, improved sense of well being, and a growing sense of fulfilment.

Steps 4-7 are taken on consecutive days. This is very important in order to avoid any mistake becoming habitual, and to give the best possible start to the practise of TM.

Further follow up sessions — ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour

These comprise short individual checking sessions to ensure correct practise continues, and group meetings to practise TM together and develop a more thorough understanding of TM practise and experience.

These meetings often include advanced video tapes in which various speakers, including His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, talk about aspects of the practice and its effects, and the characteristics of Higher States of Consciousness. These meetings are all included in the initial course fee and continue for at least 6 months.